Room 237 – The Overlook Hotel Key Fob – Inspired by The Shining


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Have you seen ‘The Shining Wrapping Paper’:

or the ‘The Shining Greetings card’?


I was recently able to give a replica key fob to Ron Punter who worked on The Shining at Elstree Studios as a Set Painter. Ron isn’t a smiley man, but he was very happy with his new gift. What a legend!


These key fobs are a great gift for any ‘The Shining’ fans

‘Room 237’ key fob from The Overlook Hotel. This is a replica from the movie ‘The Shining’, written by Stephen King and Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The design matches the key given to Jack Nicolson in the film. It’s engraved, red acrylic.

Key fob 15cm x 4cm

Don’t Overlook this product! Limited amount left.


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